Diani Beach

Welcome to Diani Beach, Kenya. You are invited to explore the fine beaches around Diani and have a memorable holiday.

DianiLife gives you all the information you need to prepare for your Diani Beach vacation. Get information on Diani Beach Actitivies Hotels, Villas,  Cottages, Events and Entertainment.

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    Tips for first time Visitors to Diani Beach

    Here are some tips for those visiting Diani for the first time.

    It is that time of the year when you are scouting for your next tour destination and you probably haven’t been to Diani Beach. This should be your first stop this time round for a horde of reasons.

    diani beach Diani BeachDiani Beach for lovers

    There are a myriad of getaway plans on the minds of most people, more so lovers. Exclusivity is not an option in this case but a necessity. In and around Diani beach several facilities provide elegance and class not forgetting exclusivity.

    diani beach Diani Beach

    Your Packing List for Diani Beach

    What should you carry before embarking on your trip to Diani Beach? We explore a few things in this post but the list is not exhaustive. It will still depend on other factors such as length of stay and planned activities.

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    Diani Beach in 5,000 words

    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. How many pictures are worth 5,000 words in this case? Read on and you will realise that 5,000 words isn’t that long or hard to remember. diani beach Diani Beach

  • diani beach Diani Beach

    Enjoy the Crystal clear waters in Diani 

    There is no shortage of snorkelling guides and tour operators to choose from. Along Diani Beach the most common way to go snorkeling is to hire a guide and a boat for the number of hours one intends to be out in the ocean.

    diani beach Diani Beach
    Ride through Diani Beach

    Ride from Diani Beach through to the villages and experience true  village life firsthand. Interact with the villagers, play with the children or join the traditional dancers in their jig. It is an unmissable chance to tour Diani.

    diani beach Diani BeachOff Beat things to do in Diani

    Between the trips to take a dip in the ocean or the pool and afternoon siesta’s beneath the palm trees, there is a lot of time to discover.  So here are 3 off beat things you can do while at Diani Beach to spice up your days a bit.


    diani beach Diani Beach

    7 things to do in Diani

    Here is a list of things that you can do while on Holiday at Diani Beach. From Deep Sea fishing, diving to volunteering; there is no shortage of things you can do while in holidaying. It might not be possible to do all, but give it a try and see how many of these you manage during your holiday.  

    diani beach Diani Beach

    Borrowing a name from the surrounding forest, Kongo Mosque is an ancient structure rich in history now turned – tourist attraction. Previously known as Diani Persian Mosque, a name coined by the Arab Merchants who occupied the area then, Kongo Mosque is today more than a worship center. Although the architect of the mosque is not known, it is believed to have been constructed in the 14th Century. The Arabs who occupied the coast in the 14th Century put up the mosque as a place of worship being Muslims.

    diani beach Diani Beach

    Safari to Shimba Hills

    Shimba Hills National Park, is about 40km from Diani Beach. It holds the distinction of being the only Game Park in Kenya where the rare Roan and Sable Antelopes can be sighted.diani beach Diani Beach

    Discovering Shimoni

    Some  Picrtures of beautiful Shimoni. Have you been there?

    diani beach Diani Beach

    Tiwi Beach Camping

    The 10 minute  drive on the dirt road to Twiga campsite is uneventful and somewhat lonely as there is hardly any traffic. Getting to the campsite, the tranquility that envelopes you is amazing.  The Tiwi Beach campsite is on a spectacular location right on the  white beach under young palm trees.

    Camping at Tiwi opens the doors to living a life without television or Internet access. Here one can indulge wholly in activities, like swimming, snorkeling, boating or just plain lazing around.