• 7 Things to do while at Diani Beach

    diani beach 7 Things to do while at Diani Beach

    1. Go Diving
    The Indian Ocean waters off Diani Beach are warm and clear during this dry period and the best for diving with great visibility. There are several diving spots along the coast and several companies offer dive sessions for an affordable fee everyday. The clear waters, colourful reef and vibrant aquatic life make Diani Beach a must for all divers.

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    diani beach 7 Things to do while at Diani Beach

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    Diving the crab
    Diving The Crab was established in 1985 when the first school was opened at Jadini Beach Hotel. Since then Diving the Crab has concentrated all efforts in providing a professional and dedicated service to clients.

    Southern Cross Scuba
    Southern Cross Scuba was created in 2002 in recognition of an expanding, worldwide market for Adventure Tourism. The “ Watersport Adventure Centers ” provide a wide range of exciting, unique activities run by a vibrant team who are specialized within their own field.

    Diani Marine
    Diani Marine has been providing first class diving excursions for more than 30 years, and with exemplary safety records are unique. Diani Marine does one boat trip per day (2 dives) and an additional one in the afternoon on request (min 12 divers).

    2. Whaleshark Safari
    Little is known about the whale shark, the largest fish in the world, measuring up to 18 metres and tipping the scales at 20 tons. The whale shark is a protected species that currently thrives on the warm waters off Diani Beach where the East African Whale Shark Trust  EAWST is involved projects  to create awareness, tag and monitor the whale shark population. Sign up as a volunteer and get involved first hand in the conservancy efforts.

    diani beach 7 Things to do while at Diani Beach


    3. Eco Bike Ride
    This is an eco friendly guided tour of Diani Beach and its environs that will take you through various parts of Diani. What better way to tour than cycling along the beach, through the villages and even to the revered Kaya Kinondo forest. This memorable tour is arranged by Diani Bikes who pride themselves as having the most modern bikes.


    4. Discover Kaya Kinondo Forest

    This is  one of the oldest forests on Kenyas South Coast with 187 plant species, 48 species of birds and 45 of butterfly, representing five per cent of Kenya’s known butterfly species, the rare Zanj Elephants Shrew and threatened Colobus Monkey, among others.  A tour to this forest will leave one enlightened on the cultural and spiritual importance of the forest to the Digo people.


    5. Go Deep Sea Fishing
    Diani is not far from the Pemba Channel, one of the best fishing spots in the worid and home to Striped, Black and Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Broadbill, Mako, Tiger and other sharks, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Giant Trevally among others.  A trip to the Pemba channel will not disappoint those looking for some big game fishing.

    Aqualand offers half or full day fishing excursion departing direct off the beach from Pinewood Village. Aqualand runs a strict tag and release program, which is run in accordance with IGFA (International Game Fishing Association) and designed to preserve rare and endangered species.

    The Pemba Channel Fishing Club
    The Pemba Channel Fishing Club is recognised world-wide as a fishermen’s paradise and is situated in the tiny fishing village of Shimoni, 80kms south of Mombasa, enjoying stunning picturesque views over the Indian Ocean and the neighbouring island of Wasini

    6.Work with the Colobus Trust

    This is a non profit organisation that is wholly dedicated to the conservation of the Colobus monkey.  Specifically Colobus angolensis, that is found in Diani has been classified as an endagered species whose population has been drastically reduced by human encroachment, road kills and snares.
    You can help by joining as an Eco-volunteer for 3-4 weeks for a volunteering holiday. There are no other specific requirements apart from the energy and the will to participate in the Trust activities!

    diani beach 7 Things to do while at Diani Beach


    7. Visit Diani Art Gallery

    This recently opened gallery has already made a huge impression on lovers of  fine African Art in Diani Beach. Find art by artists all over Africa, from the West, North, South and East  of this continent. Stop by and enjoy the atmosphere while discovering the story of every painting, sculpture and object d’art, learn more about the artists or take part in a workshop to discover your artistic side.

    diani beach 7 Things to do while at Diani Beach


    diani beach 7 Things to do while at Diani Beach

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