• Whale Shark Tagging Expedition

    Just in for Diani Beach Residents and Visitors from the East African Whale Shark Trust.


    Thank you for your interest in our tagging expedition from Feb 15 to March 15. This year we continue to put out our first set of acoustic receivers and tags. These will tell us very quickly whether our whale shark population is resident and for what periods of the year they are around.


    The expedition leader and underwater videographer is Capt Volker Bassen and the lead scientist is Dr Rachel Graham (it is unlikely that Rachel will be able to join us this year in which case Volker will do the tagging). We meet at Aqualand Watersports Centre next to Pinewood Hotel at 10am for a pre-departure briefing. We will leave around 11am and you can expect to be back around 3pm. We will provide water but if you get hungry please bring your own refreshments! There is no toilet on board but you can use the sea at any time. We will provide life jackets if you are a beginner snorkeler. The conditions are very calm in Feb/March.

    diani beach Whale Shark Tagging Expedition

    The air support will lead us to the whale sharks via radio link. The researcher and underwater videographer will get in the water first and we ask you to watch remaining in your seats, calm, completely still and quiet. When they have finished working, we invite you into the water to snorkel with the whale sharks, take any pictures you might want to and enjoy the mighty presence of the biggest fish on the planet!! We will do our best to organise you in the water so that everyone gets a chance to get up close and personal. However it is strictly forbidden to touch the animal and we ask you to pay close attention to the expedition leader at all times especially when in the water.


    Coming on one of our expeditions is a chance of lifetime! You get to watch the research team work, interact with them and be part of our team. You will also swim with whale sharks!! We ask all expedition members to bear in mind that whale sharks are wild and free. If we don’t see them, it won’t be for want of trying but we can give no guarantees. Every cent of the money you pay for your seat goes straight to the project to fund the research. So as well as having the time of your life you will be contributing to a very worthy cause!! We look forward to welcoming you as part of the team!


    Price is KES 8,500 or USD100

    Committed to whale shark conservation and education


    CALL 0720293156

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