• Diani Sea Lodge

    diani beach Diani Sea Lodge


    ABOUT Diani Sea Lodge

    For most of the hotels lying along the Diani beach on the Kenyan coast, the common factor is the vast sea of white sand that is the Diani beach. However, each hotel has a different experience for the guests.

    Diani Sea Lodge brings out hospitality in subtle proportions with its beautifully architectured bungalows sitting on magnificent gardens and a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean and Diani Beach.

    Despite its three star rating, the service at the hotel is five star offering without a doubt.

    Diani Sea Lodge Rooms

    The Diani Sea Lodge comprises of 135 rooms, all air-conditioned , ensuite with shower and related facilities. Being a family favourite getaway the hotel has a total of 34 rooms that can accommodate a medium family with separate rooms for your children if you need the privacy.

    diani beach Diani Sea Lodge
    Other rooms are spacious and equipped with a dressing room and expansive bathroom.

    Diani Sea Lodge Food

    The food is particularly good despite the lack of variety on the everyday menu. Breakfast, lunch
    and diner are more of a routine which will disappoint most gourmet guests. However, they have a snack bar which serves among others pizza, pasta and fresh sea food where you can catch a quick snack before going back to the numerous beach activities on offer there.

    diani beach Diani Sea Lodge

    For the romantic revellers, the Surf and Turf restaurant serves diner beside the sea on the flour soft sand of Diani Beach and as expected it is a favourite with the couples.

    Diani Sea Lodge Highlights

    Amazing staff who execute their duties efficiently and are always of great assistance to all the guests without discrimination.
    The cleanliness at Diani Sea Lodge is remarkable and would easily beat some four star hotels on Diani Beach.

    Diani Sea Lodge Flaws

    The variety of food especially during breakfast is not as wide as many would like. The food is fresh and well prepared but the options are not that many.

    Diani Sea Lodge Activities

    Numerous activities are on offer at the hotel with most of them on the pristine Diani Beach.
    These include beach volleyball, beach soccer , water gymnastics, mini golf,  darts, table tennis, lawn tennis played on a flood lit court, a well equipped fitness room.

    diani beach Diani Sea Lodge
    For the party people, a disco playing live music is a stone throw away. You can get entertained by traditional dancers and acrobats while at the hotel especially in the evening after diner.

    diani beach Diani Sea Lodge

    Most people say who have been there say, “I would love to stay at the Diani Sea Lodge again”.


    diani beach Diani Sea Lodge