• Getting around Diani Beach-Taxi Guide

    diani beach Getting around Diani Beach Taxi Guide

    There are at least a hundred taxis around Diani Beach that are easily accessible. Using a taxi around Diani is much the same as in other places. The taxis here are not heavily regulated, in fact very few are differentiable from the cars on the road.

    The best way to hire a taxi is to find one at a taxi stand. These are found at every shopping centre on the Diani Beach road and the Ukunda /Diani T junction. The easiest places to find taxis are Barclays Shopping centre, Bazaar, Petro, Diani Shopping Centre, Ushago and the area around Nomad Hotel.

    You http://dianilife.comwill find the Taxis waiting and you can choose whichever pleases you most. The Taxi’s around Diani are 90% Toyota models between 1500-2000cc sedans and hatchbacks with Nissans making the other 10%. If you are waiting by the roadside, taxis will usually hoot and/or flash headlights at you as they approach and do not hesitate to flag them down. Negotiate the price before you get into the Taxi to ensure that you know how much to pay. Haggling is normal so neither party should be offended by the other’s offer.

    Taxi’s in Kenya are supposed to have a yellow stripe running horizontally across the sides of car but not all have them. Usually, the new taxis do not have the stripe but you will be able to see a sticker on the doors or the lettering PSV (Public Service Vehicle) somewhere on the car. The taxis are not metered and mostly the drivers will calculate the fare based on the expected fuel cost and markup but all in all you will find a taxi ride along Diani Beach to be quite affordable.

    Taxi drivers along Diani Beach are very loyal and when you find a good one, take his card and call him anytime in the course of your stay. That way, you will get better rates for the repeat business.Take a taxi at all times you travel after dark.

    You will find that the drivers speak English but in a case where you are not able to communicate properly, write your destination on a piece of paper and the driver will take you there.

    Tipping is not mandatory and the drivers know that so they will be extra helpful and courteous in the hope that you will leave “something small”. Taxis along Diani Beach are very clean and most in excellent condition. The drivers are very friendly, helpful, honest, and knowledgeable about the area.

    Once you take a taxi, the driver cannot pickup other passengers unless they are with you and the fare charged does not depend on the number of passengers.

    Whenever you need one call 0733773079 from your hotel and a cab will be sent straight to your hotel in minutes. We have a price guide that will show how much you can expect to pay whenever you use a taxi in Diani.

    Taxi service rate in Kenya Shillings

    Diani Beach-Mombasa Airport Pick & drop from 3000

    Airstrip-Diani Beach from 400

    Along Diani Beach Road from 500

    Ukunda – Neptune/Leisure from 700

    Ukunda – Diani Shopping centre from 400

    Remember, prices are negotiable and these prices can go higher or lower depending on the market forces such as demand, cost of fuel etc.

    diani beach Getting around Diani Beach Taxi Guide

    diani beach Getting around Diani Beach Taxi Guide